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Treatment Options Home Care and Hemophilia

Many people with hemophilia choose to get their factor and other medically necessary supplies from a home care company. These companies come in a variety of sizes and offer a range of services.

Home Care Companies: Overview Of Services For The Management Of Hemophilia

  • Home or office delivery of factor and supplies
  • Hemophilia education materials and programs
  • Emergency telephone support 24 hours a day
  • Emergency delivery of factor
  • Pharmacist, nurse, and/or case representative assigned to each patient
  • Compliance programs
  • Insurance specialists
  • Insurance coverage assistance
  • Notification of product recalls or withdrawals

Home care companies can be a great option for patients and caregivers who have done their homework on hemophilia. If you're thinking about using one of these companies, make sure it is recommended or approved by your physician. Patients on Medicaid may also be eligible.

Hemophilia Care And Management: Questions To Ask Home Care Companies

To help people with hemophilia find the right home care company to meet their needs, the following questions can help patients select the ideal provider: 

Consider asking representatives the following questions:

  • Am I covered under my insurance plan?
  • Do you specialize in providing service to people with hemophilia?
  • What hemophilia-related therapeutics and services do you offer?
  • What brands of factor concentrate do you carry?
  • How will my factor concentrate and supplies be delivered to me?
  • Is my doctor free to choose the hemophilia therapies and brands that he or she wishes to prescribe?
  • What is the cost of each therapy and service?
  • What are the options and costs of shipping?
  • What are your hours?
  • Do you have telephone support or a pharmacist available 24 hours a day?
  • Do you provide home nursing services?
  • Do you provide local home care representatives who can visit and lend support?
  • Do you provide access to an insurance coverage specialist who is knowledgeable about hemophilia?

Note: does not recommend a particular treatment for specific individuals and recommends that you consult your treatment center or physician before pursuing any course of treatment.

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